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1: webato
1: zas heato iny zas tupradru harhar ankh
( the beginning of the instructions about life)
2: zas maal nit aynu cunzto
( the guide for well being)
3: nibi zas toprodru iny neter hem seseme
( all the principles of god servant procedure)
4: zas katuru iny zas neter hem
( the duties of the god servant)
5: nis amo mima nis daise zas xebnot iny wa junmo dooianef fy
( to know how to dispute the accusation of one who made it)
6: ohir nis habra elenen xoto weseb nis zas wa junmo esosnef
( and to send back a reply to the one who wrote)
7: nis wodio wa miety hir zas riewatru iny ankh
( to put one straight on the paths of life)
8: ohir dooia tade radu hir gebebu
( and make him prosper on earth)
9: nis duuia tayfe iobo snete hoai hur fy raaper
( to let his heart settle down in it temple)
10: uimo wa junmo hamiru tade beqwo iny diewe
( as one who steers him clear of evil)
11: nis needo tade mytpune zas wefa iny ketexru
( to save him from the talk of others)
12: uimo wa junmo shi sefsefyty hur zas suteper iny zioru
( as one who be respected in the speech of men)
13: owedi hraher zas neter hem iny zas neteru raaper
( written by the god servant of the consciousness of nature temple)
14: aporo hur tayfe winwet
( experienced in his service)

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zas tupradru iny Amunemope 1:12
The Instructions of Amunemope

zas heato iny zas tuprade harhar ankh