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13: iri nefrun aobi xoto sowa zioru jeshenru
1: iri nefrun aobi xoto sowa zioga jeshenru
( do not desire a poor mans goods)
2: ben huqar nit tayfe radrade
( nor hunger for his bread)
3: xoto sowa zioga jeshenru laru xoto denew hur zas xamew
( a poor mans goods are a stone in the throat)
4: fy dooiaru zas sebebi qasee
( it makes the gullet vomit)
5: ta junmo dooiaru gewexa hraher wahoto aruqru
( he who makes gain by lying oaths)
6: tayfe iobo shi jethatnef hraher tayfe mender
( his heart be misled by his stomach)
7: tena ela shi ajnade mar shi jokeswu
( where there be fraud success be feeble)
8: zas bino sajsapru zas bownefer
( the bad spoils the good)
9: ntek poibo shi eldau hentew tayek hery
( you will be guilty before your superior)
10: ohir satonmenef hur tayek suteper
( and confused in your speech)
11: tayek doubehru poibo shi ewsebnef hraher xoto wela
( your pleas will be answered by a curse)
12: tayek sedretru hraher xoto isiqir
( your prostrations by a beating)
13: zas taeli rooveth mihi iny radrade ntek axibe ntek qasee fy
( the big mouth fully of bread you swallow you vomit it)
14: ohir ntek laru palsawnef iny tayek gewexa
( and you are emptied of your gain)
15: tenha zas moor iny zas sowa
( observe the overseer of the poor)
16: khefte zas badenur soapehru tade
( when the stick attains him)
17: nibi tayfe citioru laru darpaw hur shodafru
( all his people are bound in chains)
18: ohir ta shi dehetynef nis zas nejemati
( and he be led to the executioner)
19: ohir kown ntek laru cawjhanef hentew tayek hery
( and if you are released before your superior)
20: resi ntek laru xebadyt nis tayek simdatru
( yet you are hateful to your subordinates)
21: hami rowty mytpune zas sowa zio hir zas riewat
( steer away from the poor man on the path)
22: noow airi tade ohir seger beqwo iny tayfe jeshenru
( look at him and keep clear of his goods)

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zas tupradru iny Amunemope 13:12
The Instructions of Amunemope

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