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5: isat hur suteper
1: kete axite bownefer hur zas iobo iny neteru
( another thing good in the heart of consciousness of nature)
2: nis uabi hentew oito
( to pause before saying)
3: iri nefrun itay hornis xoto ahaty emi zas atawo rooveth zio
( do not get into a quarrel with the hot mouth man)
4: ben wefa nis tade repiw jedeb tade emi medu
( nor talk to him or incite him with words)
5: eweda tondenes hentew xoto itnawo
( proceed cautiously before a opponent)
6: ohir doi meten nis xoto reqibo
( and give way to a adversary)
7: elelway hir fy hentew redirto
( sleep on it before speaking)
8: nit xoto xaxati mai ekefa mi exieti hur deha shi
( for a storm come forth like fire in straw be)
9: ginow shi zas semem zio hur tayfe wonewt
( such be the heated man in his hour)
10: nehem mytpune tade auree tade owai
( withdraw from him leave him alone)
11: zas neteru amoru mima nis ewseb tade
( the consciousness of nature knows how to answer him)
12: kown ntek dooia tayek ankh emi oipwu medu hur tayek iobo
( if you make your life with these words in your heart)
13: tayek meswat poibo dega sno
( your children will behold them)

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zas tupradru iny Amunemope 5:12
The Instructions of Amunemope

zas heato iny zas tuprade harhar ankh