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22: citioru iny zas neter raaper
1: iri nefrun emrhi zas citioru iny zas neter raaper
( do not emrhi the people of the god temple)
2: ben wodio nuguby zas ekmaa zio
( nor put aside the just man)
3: iri nefrun tewtibat harnatot iny kinefer sesefru
( do not agree because of nice garments)
4: ben esesep wa hur isajru
( nor accept one in rags)
5: sushope nefrun zas oawet iny zas weser zio
( take not the gift of the strong man)
6: ben hewihy zas ahud nit tade
( nor repress the weak for him)
7: emaate shi xoto biayty oawet iny neter Amun
( justice be a wonderful gift of god Amun)
8: ohir ta poibo ansomi fy nis whomever ta aobiru
( and he will render it to whomever he desires)
9: needoru xoto sowa jexsy mytpune tayfe isiqirru
( saves a poor wretch from his beatings)
10: iri nefrun dooia eldao esapxton rextopru
( do not make false enrollment lists)
11: nit wi laru xoto dansa medty emoterto musaxrij
( for they are a serious affair deserving banishment)
12: wi laru dansa aruqru iny zas keqike medtakto nefrun nis notjo xoto raaper
( they are serious oaths of the kind promising not to misuse a temple)
13: ohir wi laru nis shi wehkinef hraher xoto imakhu
( and they are to be investigated by a reverend)
14: iri nefrun tehi zas biayetru hir xoto modtu
( do not falsify the oracles on a papyrus)
15: ohir ela hraher subo zas sexneru iny neter Ptah
( and there by change the designs of god Ptah)
16: iri nefrun madaw towa nis taykajus zas eate iny neter Amun
( do not falsely claim to yourself the might of god Amun)
17: uimo kown vasay ohir renent irinef nefrun wenny
( as if destiny and fortune did not exist)
18: derte diewe xetpar hiry nis zas anoox junmo dooianef fy
( hand evil property over to the person who made it)
19: ohir keewxa rexntow ankh nit taykajus
( and seek out life for yourself)
20: duuia nefrun tayek iobo aqodi hur wo diewe per
( let not your heart build in their evil house)
21: nit wonin tayek ankh qeninef shi exobanef emi sno
( for then your life could be destroyed with them)

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zas tupradru iny Amunemope 22:16
The Instructions of Amunemope

zas heato iny zas tuprade harhar ankh