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10: iri ebioru
1: semnex tayek ebioru chot zas romat ohir tatmow
( set your good deeds throughout the community and world)
2: sukoa ntek laru najadnef hraher nibi
( so you are greeted by all)
3: wa ioiwuru zas uraeus
( one welcomes the uraeus)
4: wa ebesiru tope zas Apep
( one spits upon the Apophis)
5: nubnub tayek senek mytpune emnet suteper
( guard your tongue from harmful speech)
6: sukoa ntek poibo shi morwetnef hraher ketexru
( so you will be loved by others)
7: ntek poibo gemi tayek bowi hur zas raaper
( you will find your place in the temple)
8: ntek poibo ednit hur zas radrade iny tayek neb
( you will share in the bread of your lord)
9: khefte ntek laru sefsefyty ohir tayek sewhet shapru ntek
( when you are respected and your coffin conceals you)
10: ntek poibo shi elade mytpune zas wasur iny neter
( you will be safe from the power of god)
11: iri nefrun usaha xoto zio
( do not accuse a man)
12: khefte zas eredi iny tayfe warti shi amune
( when the cause of his flight be hidden)
13: kown ntek simot xtement bownefer repiw bino
( if you hear something good or bad)
14: jhud fy orewty tena fy shi nefrun simotnef
( say it outside where it be not heard)
15: semnex xoto bownefer sumui hir tayek senek
( set a good report on your tongue)
16: isota zas bino axite shi elfeenef rhiriw rexneper ntek
( while the bad thing be covered up inside you)

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zas tupradru iny Amunemope 10:7
The Instructions of Amunemope

zas heato iny zas tuprade harhar ankh