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12: iri nefrun garge
1: iri nefrun waswas taykajus nis uswan zas semem zio
( do not force yourself to flatter the heated man)
2: ben exoba tayek hatoi iobo
( nor destroy your own heart)
3: iri nefrun jhud nyny nis tade madaw
( do not say hello to him falsely)
4: khefte ela shi nerwa mexnew ntek
( when there be fear within you)
5: iri nefrun redir madaw nis xoto zio
( do not speak falsely to a man)
6: nit fy shi zas bawut iny neter
( for it be the abomination of god)
7: iri nefrun dewi tayek ihar mytpune tayek senek
( do not separate your mind from your tongue)
8: nibi tayek ekatiru poibo marnef
( all your plans will succeed)
9: ntek poibo shi densut hentew ketexru
( you will be important before others)
10: ohir serwed hur zas derte iny zas neteru
( and secure in the hand of the consciousness of nature)
11: neteru mesdiru wa junmo garge
( consciousness of nature hates one who lie)
12: tayfe wor bawut shi sepsenew
( his great abomination be duplicity)

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zas tupradru iny Amunemope 12:7
The Instructions of Amunemope

zas heato iny zas tuprade harhar ankh