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25: asufei imakhu
1: iri nefrun winum xoto elebe hur zas mebah iny xoto imakhu
( do not eat a meal in the presence of a reverend)
2: ben semnex nis redirto tept
( nor set to speaking first)
3: kown ntek laru hotepog emi eldao medu
( if you are satisfied with false words)
4: honrig taykajus emi tayek mewytr
( enjoy yourself with your spittle)
5: noow airi zas wesex hur hawtywe iny ntek
( look at the cup in front of you)
6: ohir duuia fy gerah tayek sair
( and let it suffice your need)
7: lias uimo xoto esahu shi densut hur tayfe iatu
( even as a noble be important in his office)
8: ta shi mi zas bahi iny xoto aynu khefte fy shi drap
( he be like the abundance of a well when it be drawn)

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zas tupradru iny Amunemope 25:7
The Instructions of Amunemope

zas heato iny zas tuprade harhar ankh