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16: semux biatfa citioru
1: iri nefrun teby ramaar nis xoto anoox
( do not pay attention to a person)
2: ben doqro taykajus nis wexa rexntow tayfe derte
( nor exert yourself to wexa out his hand)
3: kown ta rixrowfyru nis ntek sushope xoto kavsay
( if he says to you take a bribe)
4: fy shi nefrun xoto jisus wopewet nis sawkep tade
( it be not a insignificant matter to heed him)
5: iri nefrun sepha tayek quadmu mytpune tade
( do not avert your glance from him)
6: ben wafvag hoai tayek tapet
( nor bend down your head)
7: ben wedeb nuguby tayek egaega
( nor turn aside your gaze)
8: wepirar tade emi tayek medu ohir jhud nis tade nyny
( address him with your words and say to him hello)
9: khefte ta redisaru tayek jasope poibo mai
( when he stops your chance will come)
10: iri nefrun banani tade airi tayfe tept oxami
( do not repel him at his first approach)
11: kete auto ta poibo shi ininef
( another time he will be brought)

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zas tupradru iny Amunemope 16:8
The Instructions of Amunemope

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